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The Friendly Society is a little fashion, art & culture department store with a mini café in the city district Berlin-Mitte, close to Kastanienalllee/Zionskirchplatz... ► more infos: FS-Profile

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Gregor Marvel & Christian Heinrich 

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In November: Saturdays & Sundays from 12:00 - 6:00 pm.

FS-BASAR - Relaxed weekend shopping with pastries and punch




Every Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 - 6:00 pm. You and Your friends are cordially invited to our yearly Exhibition “Friendly Society Bazaar”. We are presenting art, fashion and accessories by Berlin designers, scarves, bags, antique wooden objects, Advent candlesticks, Christmas fashion jewelery, handmade wall shelves, glass bowls, silk mandalas, antique Berlin souvenirs...and lot's of one of a kind peaces from the treasure rooms of our designers...just for You ;-)





Exhibition: Classical Modern Art

...till 24th of December 2017


Aus dem Nachlass unseres geschätzten Kollegen Michael Stübler präsentieren wir Arbeiten von Thomas Duttenhoefer, Ernst Fuchs, Eberhard Hückstädt, Gregor Kozik, Henri Laurens, Waldemar Otto, Eberhard Schlotter, Reiner Schwarz und Heinrich Tessmer.

Wir würden uns freuen, Sie durch die Ausstellung führen zu dürfen.

Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl der ausgestellten Werke.




Sunday 26th of November. - 7:00 pm. - Zerning&Kleiner @FS-SunnySundaySalon

The duo Alexander Zering (guitar) and Achim Kliner (baritone saxophone) move themselves musically between spheres of sound – collagen and refined grooves. The spectrum goes from trance over house to funk, and for relaxation at intervals even a soft Boss a Nova is shoved in. A musical program full of astonishing sounds, rhythm and unforeseen change.

Band homepage: The musical project is so new that at the moment there is no homepage.

Entry 6:30 pm. / Show time 7 to 8 pm.

Afterwards ZerKleiner – lounge, they sign almost everything.

Entrance free – telling your friends is wished for.

Seat reservations at:
tel: 030-280 46 190 or sms 0177-6290053



Wall Shelf  WS-Deluxe - Handmade by Friendly Society the perfect solution for the presentation of storage of you works-of-art, antiques, or your cherished artefacts. Strait away you will find a large variety of high quality wall shelves made from precious wood (European precious wood or American and African plantation precious wood).
We will gladly make your individual wish shelf according to your wishes.


You can order our wall shelf deluxe by e-mail (No shipping cost within Germany above a merchandise value of € 49)




Obectra - NEU in der Friendly Society




Das ist eine Berliner Modebotschaft.
Obectra ist ein Modelabel mit einer Aussage in schwarz, einer Mens- und Womenswear-Kollektion pro Jahr.

Stücke zu allen Jahreszeiten.





Brachmann - Postclassical Menswear - Made in Germany





A man can wear something....or a man wears BRACHMANN! The lasting produced clothes from Jennifer Brachmann strike above all else the good taste. Our highlights are the new Shawl-collar-vest, the cross-collar-shirt, and the gray-green trench-coat...





Seidenkult - Das perfekte Ganzjahresgeschenk


Gewaltfreie Seidenschals in zeitlosem Design und vielen super Zwei-Farbkombinationen.

Gepunktet (180x70cm)  € 89,00
Ohne Muster, zweifarbig (180x50cm)
€ 98,00






Frozen Hibiscus - Day & Night...Night and Day style



Alltime Graceful Ladystyle

Orientated on classical patterns of fashion history, and using excellent quality modern fabric, the designer Frozen Hibiscus manages to create a classical wardrobe for the elegant big-city-lady. Allow yourself to blossom in your personalized Frozen Hibiscus, drafted to satisfy your wants and needs.





Sunday 3rd of December - 7:00 pm. - Herbstbrüder @FS-SunnySundaySalon

“Die Herbstbrüder” consist of Markus Bremer and Cihan Morsünbül. They got to know each other while participating in the fifth production row of the casting show “The Voice of Germany.” Both survived the blind audition and were in the team of Stefanie Kloß (Silbermond). In the second round they competed against each other. According to the rules of the show only one went further. The paths of the two didn’t separate there.
Their friendship remained however even beyond the existing casting show borders. Because of the good chemistry between them and the mutual love of melancholy German language songs they resolved to jointly write and make music.
The Herbstbrüder were born.
The idea of performing on the streets after appearing on a big TV stage stimulated the two to make and play music. Since the beginning of 2016 The Herbstbrüder play their melancholy songs filled with emotions on the streets and stages in Berlin. Either at the station Schönhauser Allee, the Alexander Platz or in Berliner clubs they manage to always touch and move the audience with their honest and authentic lyrics creating an intimate atmosphere.

Band homepage:

Entrance free – telling your friends – wished for.

Seat reservations at:
tel: 030-280 46 190 – or sms: 0177 6290053

Entry: 6:30 pm. / show time 7 to 8 pm.

Afterwards Herbstbrüber – lounge… Markus and Cihan sign almost everything ;-)



GoM`s BigBerlinCoat from GregoOrMarvel


Using the basic idea of a classical coachman's coat, we've created a coat that is comfortable to ware, stylish, sporty, elegant and stately. It is obtainable in a variation of coloured material, chequered, navy, black&grey, and of course with the well known GoM red lining and the inside pocket with zipper.






Art Works from Hans-Joachim Billib 



Hans-Joachim Billib is a master student of professor Klaus Fussmann. He encounters his environment detached and impartially. His interest is the visible reality. Technically brilliant, almost old masterly, he captures his surroundings in oil. Despite the constantly changing light, the alteration of colour and shadows, he suggest a moment of tranquillity, a section to stop. The intensity, the observation and the exactness of the painting lend the seen landscape a not rarely seen since of surreality.






Fresh...Cheerful...Lively Shirts  from  Kaiser Friedrich Berlin



High-quality designer printed cotton material, limited with various motives in S / M / L / XL to XXL...

The Kaiser Friedrich shirts are produced in Berlin.


Starting at  € 89,00 (incl. 19% VAT)




Sunday 17th of December - 7:00 pm. - Dimitry Zagumennikov @FS-SunnySundaySalon


His guitar playing is characterized by a brilliant technique, a fine feeling of control with a dynamic nuance, sensitive interpretations and an extensive repertoire that include music and style directions from different centuries ranging from renaissance to contemporary. With extensive work his first CD was released in 2016, with guitar compositions from the composers Heitor Villa-Lobos, Manuel Ponce and Joaquin Rodrigo. In the music world and news reviews it received a great deal of positive recognition and praise.


Exerts of the released CD can be herd on

Band homepage:

Entrance free – telling your friends – wished for.

Seat reservations:
tel: 030-280 46 190 or sms 0177 -6290053

Entry 6:30 pm. / show time 7 to 8 pm.

Afterwards Dimitry – lounge, he signs almost everything ;-)


Cufflings - Manschettenknöpfe


Eine feine Auswahl an witzigen und stylischen Manschettenknöpfen für den Mann mit Geschmack...
Als Geschenk oder zum sich selbst belohnen perfekt geeignet.
Sprechen Sie uns an! Wir fertigen Ihnen auch gern Ihre ganz individuellen Manschettenknöpfe.


ab € 29,00  (inkl. 19% MwSt.)




€ 99 Art-Special-Price



Our Art Special Price Offer is exactly right to make yourself or a special precious person happy with a qualitatively high-grade work-of-art.  
For 149 Euro you get a high quality unique individual work-of-art (incl. Mounting: 40x50cm, 50x60cm, 50x70cm) from a contemporary artist of the gallery.






Butterfly Leather Bowtie  from Xenia Kuhn Design



The designer feels its particularly important that every leather butterfly, made by hand with love using high quality material, flies out well-bread into the world. With both pyramid rivets she lends the proud bearer the necessary stability.
The Bow-Tie is available in red, blue, green, brown, cream, black, in dull or shinning leather

29,00 (incl. 19% VAT)

You can also order the Butterfly Leather Bowtie by e-mail: Free shipping within Germany




Silk Mandalas  from Angelika Krohne



Create yourself a place of tranquillity and find your middle using the silk mandalas, from the in the Rhineland residing artist Angelika Krohne, as a medium. The high quality hand sewn mandalas (20x20cm.) are available in various colours and patterns. The ideal gift for a person to whom you want to give complete personal joy and inner happiness.







Statement Strass Belts  MIR" - "BITTE"...or Your Initials?


The special something else belt buckle is precisely that what the big-city Indy needs, with a stably sewed black leather belt.  It's humorous and unique. Please ask us, we will gladly make you your completely individual belt buckle.


89,00 (incl. 19% VAT)


You can also order the Statement Strass Belts by e-mail: Free shipping within Germany




€ 149 Art-Special-Price



Our Art Special Price Offer is exactly right to make yourself or a special precious person happy with a qualitatively high-grade work-of-art.  
For 149 Euro you get a high quality unique individual work-of-art (incl. Mounting: 40x50cm, 50x60cm, 50x70cm) from a contemporary artist of the gallery.






Howareyou - Organic Winter Pullover für Sie und ihn



Aus den feinsten schadstofffreien Stöffchen zaubert die Berliner Designerin Unikate und Kleinserien mit dem sportlichen gewissen Etwas.

ab € 90,00 (inkl. 19% MwSt.)





SVEEKERY - ECO Friendly Business Elegance


Stands for elegant business -, evening – and leisure fashion for fastidious, responsible and conscious women.
Only high quality enduring and certified materials are used, such as biological wool, cotton, linen, hemp and non-violence silk. Sveekery designs classical elegant and long-lived styles, whose production ensue exclusively under ethical and ecological aspects. Humans, animals and nature stand in the foreground of all design, production and decision processes.
Designed in Berlin – produced in Europe.

You can visit us in the Friendly Society or arrange a personal appointment outside our normal opening hours. 0177-629 00 53





Glass-Bowls from Birgit Wenninghoff




Something very special particularly in glass art are the bowels formed from glass paste. Every element is unique and stands out through its lively structure and multi-layered transparency.

Available exclusively in the Friendly Society.






Double Bag Pants by GregOrMarvel...with the licence to relax!


Many new models in various colours and material combinations that brings the summer directly to you at home.

We have a limited edition in cotton-jersey, silk and stretch-jeans in various patterns, and always with the red GoM pocket!!!

Just stop-by and try them on, you'll be fascinated.





GoM`s BigBerlinBag by GregOrMarvel


Berlin's “Hippy Sport Bag”, limited in a worked over larger design with exclusive fabric variation, stable inner pocket, smooth purse string and high quality imitation leather bottom.
The sporty, elegant handbag... practical for her and him... at the beach, for shopping and many other occasions.
….My sporty handbag even accompanies me in the opera..

You can also order the Cuffclips by e-mail: Free shipping within Germany





VILORIJA - Prêt-à-Voyager - Ready to Travel


From wonderful – beautiful dresses to sporty witty legging outfits.... an inspiring collection that immediately invites you upon a journey.

Only available with us in Berlin Mitte.





Framing - Silver or Gold Plated, Wood, Aluminium, Shadow-Joint, Mount-Board, Museum-Glass (Non-reflecting clear glass)


Only trust experts with the framing of your valuable works of art. Non-expert framing can cause lots of damage that is often only seen when the art work is removed from its frame. Valuable art, be it an engraving, cut, etching, photo, or individual painting, should be framed in a way that even after many years it still looks as if it has just been framed.

Visit us in the Friendly Society, or arrange a personal appointment outside our normal opening hours, we will gladly advise you. (0172/38 48 745)



Wall Shelf - Made by Friendly Society


Highlight your cherished objects.

Regardless if its a work of art, an antique, a clock, vase or a model car; a wall mount is the ideal solution for the presentation of your small exhibits. Our classic wall shelf 10 (alder, H4 x W10 x D8cm.) is also available in other wood – shades: pear, oak, cherry, mahogany, walnut, teak, grey, black...

Feel free to ask and we will make your individual wish wall shelf.

You can also order the Wall Shelf Classic 10 by e-mail: Free shipping within Germany




CuffClips - "Little Universe Vol.01"


Cuff Clips are the decorative slip-on-covers for the buttons on your shirt cuff. Hand made by the designer exclusively on those two sleepless nights before full moon. The five coat pigment coating lends the Model “Little Universe Vol.01” an endless depth. With the intensive power prior to the full moon phase, they are loaded with the biggest possible amount of positive energy. The effect while worn is rather inconspicuous but by certain light conditions they display an extraordinary endless fiery depth. For the fashion conscious with a sense for detail; a practical gift and good-luck charm for the gentleman and of course the ladies.

You can purchase your pair starting at  € 49,00 (incl. 19% VAT)

You can also order the Cuffclips by e-mail: Free shipping within Germany




Picture Frame Deluxe by Friendly Society (Hand gilded in silver, gold, moongold)


The precious way to have your loved ones by you: Picture Frames made using the original Berliner slat, now with a stand-up support. The backs have been conceived so that photos can easily be changed and the frame positioned in good style anywhere.

(for photos sizes: 10x15cm., 13x18cm., 18x24cm., and special formats are also possible.)




The Pedestal ST-Classic 10 - Handmade by Friendly Society


We are offering our reasonably priced pedestal ST – Classic 10 (Alder wood) in the size (H4 x D8 x W10 cm.) in various wood colour shades (Natural, Pear, Ash, Cherry, Mahogany, walnut, white lacquer, Black).
Every item is unique and handmade in our workshop.

Starting at  € 16,00 (incl. 19% VAT)


You can also order the pedestal Classic 10 by e-mail: Free shipping within Germany




Small Stand Precious Wood Pedestals Made by Friendly Society


Here you will find a selection of precious wood small stand pedestals (made from African Plantation Wood). Perfect for small objects e.g. figures, coins, sculptures, rings, stones, etc. Each pedestal is unique and was created in our workshop by hand.
Please enquire and we will gladly make your individual wish pedestal.


You can also order small wooden Pedestals by e-mail: Free shipping within Germany with an order value of 49 € or above.




Vintage Costume Jewellery @ FS


Why not give something completely extraordinarily special, and with ecological far-sight utilize your own body as the packaging. From original vintage costume jewellery from Dior and Chanel too actual creations out of Berlin and Gablonz. (photos by GoM).







Heads by Inge H.Schmidt


Inge H. Schmidt is a master student of Professor Karl Oppermann (UdK). She is well known outside Germany, and stands out especially through her technical and formal versed drawings and paintings in watercolours. Many of the very strong emotional works have an almost mystical-magical charisma that draws the observer completely into a special spell. Not lastly it is the highly individual colours that fascinate. The lines and coloured areas are so masterly placed that the borders from representational and abstraction seemingly dissolve itself. However the longer one observes the work the formal meaning and substance again become visible. Her main theme is the figure of man in his existential feelings and in his uniqueness.



MADE IN BERLIN - Outfits & Dream Dresses


Tailor-Made - Just 4 You!

Choose from 20 design lines your personalized model. All dresses, blouses, trousers, pants and skirts are in colour and size (XS – XXL) individually variable; from coloured to black and white and also available in ankle length.
News Flash: Akueson Plus Size Fashion is now available in the Friendly Society.



Still Life from Louis Ryan


Louis Ryan was born 1963 in Torquay, England. In Florence he learned the old techniques of the nineteenth century, which were developed to perfection in the ateliers of Paris. Here he intensively studied the works of the old masters and dipped into their methods. The influence of famous artist can be recognized in his works, for example Velasquez, Van Dyck and Reynolds.
We can present you an excellent selection of his still life’s in our art cabinet.



Vintage Handbag's - Very particular handbags for very particular women


Unbelievably manifold and creative in form, shape and design. Handbags made of Lucide (synthetic material), metal, glass and leather; in from, playful, simple, elegant to dramatic. For every lady the right model for every special occasion.

Abbildung der Tasche im aktuellen:

 - 3D Precious Metal

Make a gift of yourself or yourself a gift with a precious sculpture ring, made by using your portrait photo or the portrait of a loved one. That way you can always have that special person close at hand.



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