Pedestal ST-Classic 10 - Handmade by Friendly Society 


Our Bestseller: The Wood-Pedestal ST-Classic 10


Our economically priced pedestal ST-Classic 10 (Alder) is available in the size: H4 x D8 x W10 cm and with different colours.

Included in the delivery are 1 wall pedestal in a velvet bag.

Choose the wood shade for your exhibit.


You can order pedestal ST-Classic 10 also by mail: free shipping within Germany


  colourwood shade

size (HxDxW)       

abbrev.      price


4 x 8 x 10cmCL-N€ 16,00



4 x 8 x 10cm

CL-B€ 20,00


oak (light)4 x 8 x 10cmCL-EH€ 20,00


oak (dark)4 x 8 x 10cmCL-ED€ 20,00


cherry4 x 8 x 10cmCL-K€ 20,00


mahogany (light)4 x 8 x 10cmCL-MH€ 20,00

mahagony (dark)4 x 8 x10cmCL-MD€ 20,00

walnut (light)4 x 8 x 10cmCL-NH€ 20,00

walnut (dark)4 x 8 x 10cm CL-ND€ 20,00

grey4 x 8 x 10cmCL-G€ 20,00


white (glazed)4 x 8 x 10cmCL-W€ 20,00

black4 x 8 x 10cmCL-S€ 24,00

All prices include 19% value added tax


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