Picture Frames (silver leaf, gold)


For oneself, the noblest style to have your loved ones near.

As of now you can purchase high quality picture frames with “museums glass” (non-reflecting glass) made using the original Berliner Slat, now with stand-up support.

Please note! This is not an online store. If you need price information or have any questions about the individual products, please visit us in the Friendly Society, call us (+49 (0) 30 280 461 90) or send us an email to: art@friendlysociety.de

► Here you will find a selection of our picture frame sortiment.

The Berliner Slat is characteristic of a frame type that was created roughly between 1830 and 1880. The profile stems from the empire style. It is usually made of pine and finished with chalk primer upon which the poliment is applied in four to six layers with a red or black bolius. Following this the slat is covered with leaf silver and polished immediately with agate stone. The frame then gives the impression it's made of founded massive metal.

The backs have been conceived so that photos can easily be changed and the frame positioned in good style anywhere.